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MSO Portals

A portal is a specialist version of Management Support Online (MSO) in which the materials and site appearance are tailored for a particular group. Portals can be provided to a single client organisation or a consortium of organisations within a state/territory or at a national level, providing access to the MSO directly from the portal client's website.


What you get

An MSO Portal provides the portal client with:

  • A seamless integration into the portal client's website, with password-protected access.
  • A specialised management support service where the portal appears and works as a service provided by the portal client to its membership, delivering a benefit to members as well as supporting and complementing the portal client's organisational development and resourcing work.
  • Essential, baseline resources for NGOs and service provider organisations supporting their capability and capacity-building initiatives.


Key features

  • A tailored look that includes the portal client's logo, a customised name for the portal and any other relevant graphics.
  • Access to all MSO content — a comprehensive range of governance, management, operational and administrative resources.
  • The ability to upload specialised material provided by the portal client where required.
  • The development of new content through the MSO's research and development program.
  • An up-to-date, well-managed service where the MSO team takes the responsibility for ensuring all content is current and consistent within a fully functional portal.

An MSO portal enables the portal client to provide its user group or member organisations with a comprehensive management support service that is tailored to their specific needs. The portal is also able to carry and maintain other specific or specialised support, resources and training materials developed specifically for the portal client. This will also facilitate the portal client's capacity to work with organisations or groups who have access to the portal, drawing on MSO materials and resources.


MSO Partnership Arrangements

BNG has Management Support Online partnership arrangements with a number of key peak bodies. This is one way we can help support the important sector and workforce development work of these peaks.

A partnership arrangement includes:

  • 15% discount on MSO subscriptions — this is offered as a member benefit to particular peaks.
  • Resourcing partnerships. This is where the MSO provides a support and resource for the work of its partner peak body, and where both BNG and the partner peak agree to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with complementary roles.

MSO Partners

  • Council of Social Service New South Wales (NCOSS)
  • Northern Territory Council of Social Service (NTCOSS)
  • Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS)
  • Tasmanian Council of Social Service (TasCOSS)
  • Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS)
  • Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS)
  • Network of Alcohol and Other Drugs Agencies (NADA)
  • Youth Action (YAPA)

For further information on MSO portals and partnership opportunities:
Phone: 02 9569 1704