Standards & Performance Pathways

Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP) is a unique online service for NGOs and service provider organisations, funding departments, assessors and peaks. It carries the main sets of community services and health standards and saves up to 80% of time spent on quality standards assessment and compliance reporting.

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Key features


Online assessments against standards
Easy-to-follow online assessments that match the criteria for all components of relevant Australian community services and health standards.


Recommends actions
As you complete assessments, SPP recommends any actions required to meet the standards. You can schedule tasks and assign work to other account users.


Templates, tools and resources
Linked to actions, these help the user complete the required action and achieve compliance; for example, a policy or procedure template.

Builds an action plan
An electronic action plan documents the required actions and resources, while allowing the user to customise it for their own work. You can also schedule action reminder alert emails.

Upload and manage evidence
You can upload and manage any documents to a secure Document Library. Once a document is uploaded you can link it to multiple assessments as evidence.

Progress tracking
An ongoing progress display shows how your organisation is performing in terms of completion and compliance levels, and how it compares to industry benchmarks.

Manage multiple standards
Cross-references with all other core sets of standards so completion of one set of standards will automatically register with items in other sets of standards.

Ready for reviewers and accreditors
An easy system for reviewers and accreditors that doesn't lock you into a specific accreditation provider. Its flexibility means you continue to have choice.

Planning & Performance Tools
Create templates and planners to record and monitor any form of plan. You can use a planner for strategic or business planning, project planning, service plans or task plans.

Risk & Compliance Registers
Create templates and registers to track and record any area of risk or compliance, such as client complaints, legislative/regulatory compliance and keeping track of due dates.

Multi-Service Accounts
Large organisations with diverse services can use a Multi-Service Account to assess and monitor their services separately. Includes a special corporate account.

Tailored portals & other arrangements
Available as a tailored portal and reporting platform for peak bodies, government departments and accreditation agencies, as well as a specialised version for large multi-service organisations. Read more »

Key benefits


Increase service delivery capacity
Saves up to 80% of staff time taken in standards assessment and compliance reporting, increasing the amount of time dedicated to service delivery.


Manage risk
Identifies areas of governance, management, financial and operational vulnerability through graphing and benchmarking.


Build capabilities
Helps build capabilities and capacities of people within the organisation.

Multiple standards made easier
Avoids duplication. Complete multiple sets of standards by completing a single set.

Reduce red-tape
Helps organisations create internal efficiencies and government to achieve its promise to reduce red-tape.

Reporting and accreditation benefits
Streamlined, direct compliance reporting to funding, accreditation and other relevant bodies.

Forget the paperwork, literally
Because it's online, there's no messy paper storage involved. Keep all your assessments, workplans and documentation securely stored online.


Subscription packages

Subscription rates for our services are scaled to the income of organisations as part of our commitment to supporting smaller NGOs. Subscriptions to the Standards and Performance Pathways (SPP) may be purchased as a one-year subscription or as a three-year package. A three-year package provides a discount of up to 20% to organisations with an annual income of under $10 million and of 10-15% for organisations with an annual income over $10 million.


Option 1: One-year subscription rates



Organisation’s Annual Income
Single year package (total for 1 year)
Single year package
inc 10% GST
Income under $150,000
Income $150,000 - $500,000
Income $500,000 - $1 million
Income $1m - $5 million
Income $5m - $10 million
Income $10m - $15 million
Income greater than $15 million










Option 2: Three-year package rates — save up to 20%


Organisation’s Annual Income
Total for 3 years
+ 10% GST
Income under $150,000
Income $150,000 - $500,000
Income $500,000 - $1 million
Income $1m - $5 million
Income $5m - $10 million
Income $10m - $15 million
Income greater than $15 million









* All prices in $AUD