Tailored Services

As well as offering subscriptions to individual organisations, we also provide a range of tailored packages and portal solutions to the following.

  • Peak bodies
  • Government departments
  • Accreditation agencies
  • Large multi-service organisations

The options available on both platforms are set out below. You can contact us to discuss these options and your specific needs.

SPP Tailored Options

Here are the key tailored options for Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP). For full details on each option, click here.

  • Tailored SPP Portals
    A tailored version of the SPP for lead agencies and their service provider organisations. The portal is customised with client logo/s, standards menus and any service-specific resources.

  • Client Administration Site and Reporting Platform (CAS)
    As part of a tailored portal, this provides a full reporting platform to facilitate desk audits and enables aggregated reporting. The CAS has additional features for the management of multiple client organisations and multiple assessors.

  • Multi-Service Accounts
    Designed for large, multi-service and/or brokerage organisations and franchised service providers, this enables organisations with diverse services or operational areas to assess and monitor these separately.


MSO Tailored Options

Here are the key tailored options for Management Support Online (MSO). For full details on each option, click here.

  • Tailored MSO Portals
    A specialist version in which the resources and site appearance are tailored for a peak body or government department. Seamless integration into the portal client's website gives the look and feel of having their very own 'management support online' service.

  • Partnership arrangements — discount
    Includes a 15% discount on MSO subscriptions that particular peaks can offer to their member organisations.

  • Partnership arrangement — resourcing
    The MSO provides a support and resource for the work of its partner peak body, and where both BNG and the partner peak agree to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with complementary roles.